Dear Users,

We have reorganized some of the top-level sections of CommCareHQ to make it easier for you to find and perform the tasks you do most often.

Major changes include:

New “Data” Section

Data exports are now located under “Data” rather than “Reports”. Data section is also the home of Reassign Cases and Import Cases (previously under Manage Data). We have also renamed the exports more simply to be “Export Forms” and “Export Cases”.

More info:

New “Users” Section

User management is now separated in its own section. Add, remove, edit, and manage mobile workers and web users here.

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Project Settings

We have moved Project Settings (where you set your project’s timezone and other important general information). Instead of a top level section, you can access your project’s settings by clicking the orange button labeled with the name of your project on the top right of the page.

To switch projects, click the orange CommCare logo to see a list of all your projects.

You can also access both your account settings and the project settings by clicking on the your blue username button at the top right of the page.

More info:

Biyeun and the CommCare Team