While most of the month was dedicated to a couple new exciting projects in India, we’ve still had some time to bring you a couple features we hope you’ll love.


You can now choose which timezone your project is in and view all reports in your local time! To set the project’s timezone, go to Users & Settings, and then to Global Settings under Project Administration. There you should be able to select your timezone. Additionally, if you personally want to see reports in a timezone different from the project’s default, select Project “your project’s name” Settings under Account Settings. We hope this much-awaited feature brings you much awaited joy.

Improvements to Submissions Export
We made two notable improvements to the Submissions Export. First, you can now download just the submitted between two dates; the default is the data that’s come in in the last week. (Be careful, it used to be that you got *everything* by default.) Secondly, a lot of you have noticed the ugly uncategorized forms that appear at the bottom of the submissions export page, and wonder why they’re there. As a first step to solving this problem, you’ll see that under each of them now appears a list of possible reason that the form is there. If one of those reasons makes sense to you and you want help fixing up those submissions so they’re categorized correctly, send me an email and I can help you out.
Vellum Updates
– A form’s name is now kept in sync with the name chosen for it in the application builder
– Vellum now includes native support for common content types: audio, image, video, long, and short
– Vellum now helps you by automatically generating default file paths for audio and image questions



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