Think Flu

Want to do something about the environment?  Easy.  Recycle, walk away from your car, and think green.  But what can you, yes you, do if you are worried about a pandemic flu?

Evidence (and common sense) says that simple hand washing cuts the spread of respiratory infections.  So you keep your hands clean.  What else?   The avian cases of H5N1 in Asia have greatly been in wild birds and domestic poultry.  Is there a way to put international pressure so that proper hygeine is practiced around home grown chickens?  Maybe there is new certification for healthy chicken rearing practices.  You begin to demand for only certified chickens, and the supply follows.

I don’t know, all this is really complicated.  The WHO reported yesterday that there have been 312 confirmed cases of H5N1 flu to date in humans across the world (WHO data).

I think we need a movement here, and a color.



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