Build Custom Reports in CommCare with Report Builder

Time and again, we received feedback from our  users that building custom reports was one of the key features missing from CommCare. We heard you. 

Today, our product team is very excited to announce the release of Report Builder.

The Report Builder is a built-in tool that allows you to build simple reports and charts. Using Report Builder, you can create real-time reports of key program indicators and share them with project staff — either on CommCareHQ or through scheduled emails.

How might a project use Report Builder? Here are a few examples:

  • Display a pie chart showing the percent of high risk pregnancies in a village
  • Create a detailed list of a project’s HIV patients with information about their current status and filter by mobile worker
  • Make a data table showing your average crop yields and total harvest per geographic region for your project
  • Generate a bar chart showing the the number of different products sold by a sales agent

What can you build with Report Builder?

You can learn more about building reports with Report Builder on our Help Site. Some common reports built in Report Builder, include:

  • Bar Charts (ex. Registrations by Village)


  • Data Tables (List of farms cases)


  • Pie Charts (ex. Deliveries by type)


How to Get Started with Report Builder:

Report Builder will be available as an add-on to our Standard and higher software plans. The pricing is based on the number of reports you need for your project, starting at $100/month for five reports.  


We’d love to get your thoughts on Report Builder. Send us an email at if you have any feedback.



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