Award winning RapidSMS project in Malawi

The BBC reports on the success of  UNICEF’s “Programme Mwana” in Malawi, which uses RapidSMS software created by Dimagi & partner Caktus. The east African nation faces some of the world’s highest HIV infection rates, affecting both adult and child populations. Rapid SMS helps manage access to health services for HIV/AIDS patients, remind them of doctors appointments and the timing of a complicated medication regime. Programme Mwana has the added honor of receiving two International Design Excellence Awards (IDSA); a Gold Award in Design for Social Impact and a Silver Award for Design Strategy. The RapidSMS as a change agent continues to make waves in current Dimagi community health projects in Zambia.

Big ups to Dimagi team members Cory Zue, Drew Roos, Nancy Ringel, Anton de Winter, and Caktus’ Tobias McNulty for the success of this software in the field.

BBC’s “Saving A Life in 160 Characters”

Unicef’s Mwana wins two IDSA Awards



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