November Update: CommCare Mobile 2.10, CommCareHQ Improvements

CommCare Mobile

Nokia bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue that occurred when registering a new user from a mobile device
  • Fixed some issues with using multiple repeats that referred to case data.

Android features

  • Added Preliminary Wi-Fi direct capability for Android devices above version 4.0. This allows new workflow for gathering and submitting data in low or zero connectivity environments. Learn more
  • Improved the validation and required question UI in CommCare Android to remain on the screen until the user changes the input, and to highlight the invalid answer in red
  • Added a checkbox to the instruction screen at the beginning of every form that allows you to hide it in the future.

Android Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue preventing CommCare from working correctly on Android 4.4 “KitKat”
  • Improved error messages due to network failures related to incorrect phone date and time.
  • Fixed error where screen rotation caused captured images to disappear
  • Fixed a bug where the Incomplete Forms screen would not load if a form had been moved or removed between versions.
  • Reformatted installation screen to prevent content overlap
  • Fixed problems with the username properly appearing on the home screen on CommCare Android on 4.0 devices


  • Remote multimedia install
  • Automatically remove duplicate forms and include forms submitted by archived users in all exports
  • Search box in mobile workers page
  • Improved compatibility between the Form Builder and xforms authored with other tools.
  • Speed improvement in syncing a user down to the phone.
  • “Make New Version” button is always enabled
  • Ability to schedule emailed reports monthly in addition to daily and weekly
  • Ability to specify the sort order of an id mapping. If you want to sort by a property in the case list that is an id mapping, simply drag and drop the id mapping items into the desired order.
  • Support for decimal numbers in a form filter
  • Ability to assign a fixture element to all users



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