New Template Apps + Free 8-week Online App Building Course

We’re excited to announce several offerings today, including four emergency response template apps, and a free 8-week online app building course for individuals or organizations working in emergency response. Don’t miss out on the offers below!

New Emergency Response Template Apps

In February of 2015, Dimagi was awarded a USAID grant to expand the use of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) for Ebola response and recovery across West Africa. This grant allowed us to support organizations in deploying apps for Ebola contact tracing, monitoring school attendance, Ebola Treatment Unit decommissioning, and Ebola education, training, and stigma reduction.

We’re now releasing these template applications on the CommCare Exchange, along with free CommCare licenses through December 2016 for organizations working in emergency response in West Africa.

Free 8-week Online App Building Course on Emergency Response 

We are thrilled to announce that we will be offering a guided online course on Mobile Application Building for Emergency Response for organizations or individuals working in emergency response.

This free self-paced course equips organizations with the knowledge and skills to build and use CommCare apps for emergency response. No IT background required. By replacing paper-based forms, frontline workers can use CommCare to track and support their clients with registration forms, checklists, SMS reminders, and multimedia – even in areas of low connectivity.

Organizations can enroll in the 8-week course for Mobile Application Building for Emergency Response anytime between October 30th and November 20th of 2015.

  • Participants will spend an anticipated 2 hours per week on the course, and receive guided support from Dimagi app builders available during multiple office hours.
  • Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be invited to a one-on-one session with Dimagi field staff to discuss how they can use the knowledge they gained in this course to build their own application.

For any questions, contact Click below to enroll for the online course!  

Enroll now!




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