New Features: Easy Multimedia Upload, Bulk UI Translations, Moving/Copying Forms

Dear Users,

Before the June update and release of CommCare Mobile 2.7, I wanted to highlight three new features we recently added to CommCareHQ.

Upload Multimedia in the Form Designer

When you add an image, audio, or video reference to a question, you now can upload the multimedia element immediately in the Form Designer. It will get added to the Multimedia Reference Manager and will be available in the multimedia download.

Advanced users, please note that we have now hidden the actual reference to the location of the multimedia file. You can view and change it by clicking the “Show Path” button.

Update User Interface Translations in Bulk

If your application uses User Interface translations, you can now modify them in bulk through an excel.

Read more about User Interface translations.

Copy and Move forms between modules

Previously, you could rearrange forms within a module by clicking and dragging the blue arrows next to the name of the form in the application builder. Now you can also move forms between modules!

If you want to copy the form instead of moving it, you can use the new “copy form” functionality under the “Advanced” tab.

We hope you enjoy these changes. As always, your questions, comments, and feedback is very welcome!



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