MOTECH Suite Workshop: A Quick Recap


What is mhealth? In 10 years what will mhealth look like? What can mhealth do in Ghana?

These are the questions we posed to participants at the first ever MOTECH Suite workshop held by Dimagi and the Grameen Foundation at the Kofi Annan Center for Excellence in ICT in Accra, Ghana.

Amid a group coming from an array of organizations working across sectors in Ghana, we discussed strategies for implementing mobile technology, best practices in scaling projects, and ideas for innovative collaborations.

After workshop participants discussed mobile technology and lessons learned from MOTECH Suite implementations, one participant said:

“In Ghana, mHealth’s most notable potential is to strengthen health care systems and improve health care outcomes for remote populations, producing evidence-based results, be adopted by the Ministry of Health, support community case management, and provide platforms for improved, cost-saving interventions.”

“The organizations represented at the workshop could use mHealth to monitor performance against goals, to improve workforce management and data collection and analysis, to improve the cost-effectiveness of interventions, and to achieve new and complex objectives.”

Thanks to all those who attended, and we look forward to hosting more MOTECH Suite Workshops in the future!

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