MOTECH Suite Featured in the BBC News



As part of their “Technology of Business” coverage, BBC News recently wrote a story about how mobile solutions like MOTECH Suite are improving  pregnant mothers’ access to and quality of care in Ghana. The article discusses how Mobile Midwife, which is a part of MOTECH Suite, is helping nurses and health centers better track pregnant women and send them appointment reminders.  Mobile midwife is part of the Ghana MOTECH initiative – a collaboration between the non-profit organisation Grameen Foundation and the Ghana Health Service.

Grameen’s director of technology innovation David Hutchful also discusses new changes to the MOTECH platform. “We’ve re-engineered [the Motech platform] to make it more robust, to make it scale, so it can serve the whole nation instead of just districts.”

In the last year, Dimagi has begun collaborating with Grameen Foundation to improve the MOTECH platform and expand its usage around the world.



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