CommCare Highlighted in the Huffington Post


CommCare and MOTECH were both recently highlighted in the Huffington Post article “The Next Generation of Community Health Worker Programs” as a technology innovation to support CHWs. 

In the article, authors John Zervos and Dana Parke seek to explore the question why Community Health Workers (CHWs) are continued to be seen as a the solution to global health challenges.

“The simple answer is that what services CHWs provide, and how these services can benefit communities, are still being explored. Some of the more innovative CHW programs continue to rely on the same foundation of the Barefoot Doctor campaign (trust, opportunity, improved health), but have expanded the role of the CHW. Some programs have expanded by focusing on a specific topic (e.g. maternal health), while others have integrated novel technologies (e.g. mHealth applications) and/or have focused on innovative financing and sustainability measures (e.g. incentive schemes).”

Both authors reference interventions like CommCare and MOTECH as tools that are helping CHWs, in addition to supporting American CHWs to be reimbursed by Medicaid and people like Dr. Vikram Patel in India who are transitioning laypersons into mental health providers.

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