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We’re back from Nigeria, but the bednet distribution rolls on!  RapidSMS has registered over 300 unique people spread across 200 locations and we’ve already received reports of 140,000 net coupons being distributed.  Through the system we can check the stock levels of bednets at the local government warehouses, determine which reporters are being delinquent about submitting data, and predict the expected need for bednets at our pilot local governance areas (LGAs).  This truly is rapid access to important data, and it’s quite exciting to see the reports coming in…

Of course this would not have been possible with the brilliant work of our training teams, who did the work on the ground to make sure that all the people coordinating this effort understood how and why to submit their data over SMS.

Below are some pictures from one of our trainings at Garun Malam LGA.  The trainer is Abimbola Olutola, one of our partners from SunMAP.



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