CommCare March Product Update


A New Look and Feel When Building Forms

When entering the new Form Builder in CommCare, you will first be promted with this screen asking you to turn it on.

If you haven’t seen it, CommCare’s Form Builder has a new look and feel.

We overhauled the form builder to make it easier to use, especially for new app builders. The top-level navigation, question properties, and multi-select checkboxes have all been updated to simplify the app building process.

You can read more about these changes in our blog post: New CommCare Form Builder Improvements Released.


“App Preview” Feature

The new “app preview” feature allows you to see in real-time what your app will look like on a mobile device.

We released our “App Preview” that will show you in real-time what your CommCare application will look like when it is deployed to a mobile device.  To access this feature, click “Show App Preview” on the left panel. The preview will pop-out on the right side of your screen.


New Reporting Tools

The "Project Performance Dashboards” show you project performance graphs.

The “Project Performance Dashboards” are an entirely new way of monitoring the mobile workers in your project. You can see a set of visualizations related to high and low performing users, including users who have recently become active or less active. This is a great way to recognize high performance. This new set of reports is available on the Reports tab titled, “Project Performance.”


Retooling our Exports Framework

The filter feed in CommCare now allows you to filter your exports to groups or users, date range, begin date, and/or end date.

Next, the team has made some changes to the ways that exports can be used in CommCare. You can now view Excel dashboards and daily saved exports on their own. Also, it is possible to filter your exports and daily saved exports.

Additionally, we have done some major work in the backend that will make reports more efficient. Now, you can spend less time creating and downloading reports, and more time analyzing them.


Questions About Any of These Features?

If you have any questions, we are here to help. Click below to reach out!

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