Git commands I use all the time for dealing with branches.

This isn’t anything new, but I use these all the time so it’s nice to have something to point to for git newcomers.

# create a new branch and check it out
git checkout -b BRANCH
# list all branches—you should prune regularly to keep the list small
git branch
# delete a local branch that’s been merged in—it’ll complain if it has changes not merged into your current branch
git branch -d BRANCH
# after deleting locally, delete remotely
git push origin :BRANCH
# Let’s say I committed to master, but haven’t pushed to github
# and I realize the commit should be on a branch (to make a pull request from)
git checkout -b BRANCH
git checkout master
git reset head^ –hard # This will wipe out your last commit, so don’t do this before checking that the commit is indeed on another branch



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