From the (Open) Source: Introducing Dimagi’s New Tech Blog

Across all of our teams at Dimagi, we’re committed to sharing and building on top of one another’s ideas. It’s a big reason why we support and create open source software.

This is especially true for our tech team, which consists of 29 people on our engineering, product and support teams. As part of the tech team at Dimagi, we’re constantly reviewing each other’s code on GitHub, sharing ideas through articles of the week, and often get together to watch videos or have discussions about the best new coding practices over lunch.

For this reason, we’re reviving our former engineering blogs under a new blog series called “Dimagi: From the (Open) Source.” Going forward, members of our tech team will use this category to share our good (and sometimes less good) ideas about how we build and use technology at Dimagi. Through this, we’re excited to share some of our daily questions, lessons, and thoughts as we work to build CommCare.

The first official “Dimagi From the (Open) Source” post goes live today at noon. Check back for more!





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