CommCare Feature Update: Improvements to User Case Management

The CommCare team is excited to announce some updates to our “user case” feature!

Beginning on on May 17th, web users will be able to interact with the user case in the same way they can interact with regular case management in the form builder. To accomplish this, we are going to mirror the “easy references” for the user case, with the following changes:


User Case Properties will be called “User Properties”

Now that user case management can be done with easy references, case properties in your app will be split into “case properties” and “user properties.”


Updated “User Case Management” tab on the form settings menu

The “User Case Management” tab on the form settings menu will be called “User Properties,” to reflect that these case properties are for the user case.

Similar to case management for non-user case properties, you will no longer have to manually load user case properties on the form settings menu. However, you will still have to decide which properties to save on this menu.


3. New “user” category in the App Properties window

You will be able to drag and drop the properties under “user” the same way you use the properties under “case” in order to reference them in your form. User properties will also be referenced with hashtags like #user/property.


Questions about any of these updates?

We hope that these changes will make app builder easier and much faster for you! Don’t hesitate to reach out to with any questions.

Happy App Building!
The CommCare Team

P.S. Did you see the new CommCare features we released in April? You can read about them in our CommCare April Product Update. 



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