Doing Ebola Response Work? Download Our New Template Apps for Ebola

In February of 2015 USAID nominated Dimagi for the Fighting Ebola: a Grand Challenge for Development award, for the Information Communication Technology Solutions category. This award has enabled Dimagi to provide additional CommCare app building and implementation support.

As part of this work, Dimagi has published two new template applications for Ebola prevention & response. Organizations interested in deploying the template applications can download them from the CommCare Exchange, and then adapt them to their local needs by removing or adding additional questions, translating the application into local languages, and localizing content with multimedia, including audio, video, and pictures. Dimagi is offering free CommCare licenses from November 2014 through December 2016 for Ebola response-specific projects.

  • Ebola Treatment Unit (ETU) Decommissioning –  An application that includes World Health Organization (WHO) standard protocols and checklists for commissioning and decommissioning Ebola Treatment Units, an important activity in Ebola response and recovery. The app walks users through checklists for terminal cleaning and decontamination of Ebola Care Facilities, and includes the necessary steps to ensure the decontamination process is completed correctly. It is intended for use by organizations either doing the decommissioning of ETUs themselves, or doing the quality assurance of the decommissioning process. It is also intended to be used in trainings and in preparation for future outbreaks.
  • Ebola Education, Training, & Stigma Reduction – An application that includes information and images published by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for West African context, it includes information targeted for both the general public, as well as Ebola survivors. It also includes a the video “The story of Ebola” developed by Global Health Media. It walks users through counselling messages with information about prevention, treatment, and care for Ebola patients and survivors. The app is designed to be used standalone, or in addition to other modules used by frontline workers for conducting household surveys, contact tracing, or management of patients. It may also be used by healthcare workers and community leaders in leading discussions around stigma and reintegration of survivors into communities.

To learn more about our work with Ebola or have any questions answered, check out our Ebola sector information here or email



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