Dimagi's CommTrack wins with Saving Lives at Birth

Dimagi is excited to be a part of the Saving Lives at Birth award recipients for CommTrack, as well as in the role as a partner for AfriCare’s award, for continued positive impact in the areas of child and maternal health.

Africare’s project received one of three transition-to-scale grants. The project is based in Dakar, Senegal and with support from Dimagi, provides a collaborative community-based technology that integrates community support services with mobile and telemedicine platforms to increase demand for, and access to, quality prenatal care services in Senegal.

Dimagi’s CommTrack received a seed grant for the further development and implementation of an open-source distribution management system integrating mobile and GPS technology to improve transparency, supply chain functioning, communication, and the timely delivery of medicine to hard to reach, low-income areas in Africa.

See USAID’s press release on Dimagi’s CommTrack and other awardees here.
To learn more about the Saving Lives at Birth Round 3 award nominees go to: www.savinglivesatbirth.net



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