Dimagi West Africa Hosts Maturity Model Workshop



On Thursday, June 2, 2016, Dimagi West Africa brought together representatives from seven organizations for a workshop focusing on Strategies for Sustainable Deployment of mHealth Tools. With participants spanning the mHealth spectrum — some well-versed in achieving national and multi-country scale to others who have yet to deploy mHealth tools but are excited to learn more — the workshop provided an important forum to foster exchanges across organizations surrounding the best practices, challenges and lessons learned from various mHealth deployments.

Through a grant from Grand Challenges Canada, Dimagi West Africa has spent the past 18 months exploring how to best support the integration of mobile technology into health projects in West Africa, while increasing the overall impact of the health service delivery model. Dimagi’s Maturity Model framework enables this value creation — focusing on developing targeted roadmaps customized for the needs of each project, emphasizing capacity building — all to work towards achieving long-term, sustainable scale with mobile technology.

Anchoring the workshop, three partner case studies highlighted experiences of growth and capacity building across the six areas for assessing maturity: 1. Program Design, 2. Data-driven Management, 3. Technical Support, 4. Training & Implementation, 5. Scale, and 6. Sustainability & Strategic Alignment. Impassioned discussions on the importance of French-language technical support, how to best incentivize a frontline workforce and the importance of aligning with Ministry of Health entities created pertinent and constructive inter-organizational dialogue.

With 18 months of testing, iterating and project work behind us, Dimagi West Africa is excited to carry forward the momentum from the workshop and continue driving innovative mHealth deployments with partner organizations across the region!

Want to learn more about Dimagi’s Maturity Model? Click below to download the Maturity Model Toolkit!

Download the Maturity Model



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