Dimagi's Rowena Luk to Give NetHope Webinar about CommTrack

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In conjunction with NetHope, on September 4th, Dimagi’s VP of Strategy & CommTrack Product Owner Rowena Luk will give a webinar about “Dimagi’s Work in Mobile Logistics & Supply Chain Management for Low-Resource Settings.” This presentation is a follow-up to a previous webinar hosted by Dimagi: “CommCare: A Mobile Platform for Frontline Workforces”. 

Rowena will discuss Dimagi’s suite of mobile tools for empowering the frontline workforce, with an in-depth feature on CommTrack—a solution for mobile logistics and supply chain management. CommTrack is a tool for organizations in low-resource settings to better manage goods and materials – from community health workers providing iron supplements for pregnant mothers, to distributing food, to tracking the movement of crops from farm to market.  In the presentation, Rowena will discuss supply chain interventions which Dimagi has implemented and scaled as well as current set of new experimentation.

Click here to read more about the webinar and NetHope. Hope to see you there!



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