Dimagi receives catalytic funding from the Norwegian government

Dimagi was one of eight recipients of catalytic funding from the Norwegian government announced at the mHealth Summit in Washington DC on Tuesday December 6th, 2011.   The primary purpose of this funding is to help projects scale. Dimagi’s award was to continue scaling up CommCare in India with partners including the Maternal Concept Lab, CORE Group, World Vision, Catholic Relief services and World Vision.

This award will help Dimagi advance its Active Data Management (ADM) initiative. We will fund the Maternal Concept Lab (MCL) to harmonize data elements across several CommCare applications and the CORE Group to coordinate the international NGO community through its 60 members and associates that reach over 720 million people every year. With input from the larger community, we will create and develop common cross-cutting benchmarking and ADM reports for maternal and child health applications.

The award will last two years until the end of 2013.  During this time, the eight grantees will meet regularly to share lessons learns and hopefully to identify areas for potential collaboration.

The Norwegian government’s press release is available here.



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