Dimagi leads Change Seminar

Please join us on Tuesday April 2nd for the first Change seminar of the spring quarter!

A number of mHeatlh projects have been piloted, but only a small subset of these have achieved any type of scale. There is a common, if unconscious, perception among many organizations that all you have to do is buy mobile phones in order to have a successful mHealth project. This often leads to insufficient capacity, unreasonable expectations, and ultimately failure. Dimagi, a developer of open source mobile-based tools for community health workers, has put substantial effort into developing a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) model to help understand what resources are required for a successful project. Additionally, the Dimagi field team has developed strategies to encourage its partner organizations to build their capacity, plan appropriately, and take full ownership. This experience is being employed in India and several countries in Africa in order to help organizations understand what resources are required for a successful mHealth project.

Jeremy Wacksman, a Program Analyst with Dimagi will be presenting an overview of the TCO model Dimagi has developed, as well as some observations and reflections from a year of field work in India where he worked on several deployments of CommCare, a mobile phone-based, open source, case management and data collection tool for community health workers.

What: Jeremy Wacksman from Dimagi

When: Tuesday, April 2nd, 12-1pm

Where: The Allen Center, CSE 203



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