Dimagi included in first cohort of Benefit Corporations in Massachusetts

Press Release: Dimagi included in first cohort of Benefit Corporations in Massachusetts

Cambridge, MA, December 3, 2012 MA recently passed B Corporation legislation enabling corporations to formally and legally incorporate their social mission into the boards responsibilities as well as fiduciary responsibility .  Dimagi strongly believes in this kind of corporate structure and has been a certified “B Corp” by BLab (the non-profit behind the B Corps movement) since 2008.  Dimagi has been incorporated in the state of Delaware since 2002, but Delaware has not yet taken steps to include benefit corporations as an accepted legal structure.  As a result, Dimagi is now moving its incorporation to Massachusetts, for the sole purpose of more fully engaging in the benefit corporation climate in the state of Massachusetts.

“Dimagi is excited to see Massachusetts fostering greater social impact from local companies and communities. As a social enterprise proudly headquartered in MA since our founding in 2002, we feel strongly that benefit corporations enable positive impact and will spur social innovation for Massachusetts,” said Dimagi COO Carter Powers. “While Dimagi has been a certified ‘B Corp’ for the past three years while incorporated in Delaware, we have undergone a migratory merger to incorporate in MA in an effort to continue to cultivate the benefit corporation movement in the state. We look forward to continued work in MA and to furthering our mission to integrate innovative technologies into global public and private services in order to improve human health and wellbeing.”

Dimagi may be one of the first benefit corporations in Massachusetts under the new law, but it is certainly not alone in seeing both the business and social potential of the benefit corproation status:


About Dimagi, Inc.

Dimagi is an award-winning, socially conscious mobile health technology company that helps organizations deliver quality health care to urban and rural communities. Since 2002, we have been dedicated to building a wide range of technologies that help facilitate quality health care in urban and rural communities in over 100+ projects and 28 countries. At Dimagi, we care about impact, team satisfaction, and profit (in that order), and we seek to maximize our impact per dollar spent while continuing to lead the technology industry for community health and frontline workers. Dimagi’s core open source platform CommCare has been developed through rigorous field work by its engineers, physicians and public health professionals. Dimagi has worked in 28 countries with partners including WHO, World Bank, USAID, CDC, WorldVision, Unicef, PATH, The Rockefeller Foundation, and Acumen Fund. Dimagi currently operates offices in Boston, MA USA, New Delhi, India, Cape Town, South Africa, and Maputo, Mozambique. Dimagi is a privately held software consultancy with headquarters in Cambridge, MA.

| http://www.commcarehq.org | https://twitter.com/dimagi | https://www.facebook.com/dimagi.inc

(Press Contacts: Carter Powers, COO, Dimagi Inc., +1.617.649.2214, cpowers@dimagi.com)



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