Dimagi awarded NIH Phase II SBIR for Cancer Coordination

Dimagi has been awarded a phase II SBIR contract from the US National Institute of Health and National Cancer Institute to work on home-based cancer care coordination.

There are more than 10 million people in the United States with a history of cancer and approximately 1.4 million new cases are diagnosed each year. With improvements in cancer care, more patients are living with cancer than ever before. Their dominant sites of care are also moving to the home and outpatient clinics. As patients spend more time physically removed from their providers, proper communication and coordination become even more important to deliver quality care. Patients and their caregivers need new electronic technologies to facilitate effective coordination in this new and changing environment.

Our strategy for meeting this challenge is to combine user centric design principles with innovative software technologies to develop communication systems that span the home, community and hospital. User studies with patients, informal caregivers and providers guide our software design process. Some of the technologies include web services and interactive voice response to connect patients using home health devices, their informal caregivers using cellular phones and websites, and providers using hospital-based electronic medical records. We have partnered with a leading home health device company, an eHealth Initiative Community, Boston Medical Center, and the nation’s oldest visiting nurses association, VNA of Boston.

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