Through the use of mobile technology, CommTrack supports health workers and other mobile agents who manage commodities in low-resource settings. It has been proven at scale, through real-world deployments, to provide reliable, real-time, and actionable information to improve the performance of new and existing supply chains. CommTrack is integrated seamlessly with Dimagi’s suite of industry-leading tools for empowering the mobile workforce.

With CommTrack, organizations can:

  • Streamline logistics systems with targeted, actionable information to supervisors and managers
  • Improve quality of reliable, real-time stock information to decision-makers at all levels
  • Facilitate detection, resolution, and prevention of stockouts
  • Reduce lead times through improved supervision of requisition and delivery, and identification of bottlenecks
  • Assist with stock tracking and analysis to inform forecasting and resource allocation

Proven at Scale

CommTrack has grown out of work done in three countries with JSI. This technology is currently being used in Tanzania (ILSGateway), Ghana (Early Warning System), and Malawi (cStock). The Ministry of Health and JSI in Tanzania are in the process of deploying this technology on a national scale. Users responding to the pilot evaluation in Tanzania indicated that the increased recognition and real-time nature of the SMS system was as powerful an incentive as monetary rewards, and reporting rates for the pilot were comparable with other systems that did provide a monetary reward for reporting. Today, CommTrack is in use in over 2300 facilities in Tanzania. In Ghana, JSI and MOH are deploying CommTrack across all ART facilities in the country, as well as across all health facilities in 18 districts, from community health compounds up to the regional medical stores. In Malawi, SMS reports are used directly to calculate just-in-time stock needs of over 1500 community health workers across more than half the districts as part of the Gates-funded JSI SC4CCM initiative.

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