CommCare Adds New Integrations with Tableau and Power BI

We often hear from our partners how useful Tableau and Microsoft Power BI are for reporting and visualizing data they’ve collected in CommCare. But we also heard that using CommCare data in these tools could be cumbersome—from manually creating data extracts to working with command-line tools.

Today, your data workflows are getting easier. Say hello to CommCare’s new integration for Tableau and Power BI!

Designed for M&E advisors and program teams alike, the new integration creates a seamless data connection between CommCare and both Tableau and PowerBI. Without any IT support, everyone can now use and refresh their CommCare data in either of these popular business intelligence tools. 

Before, PCI needed to run advanced scripts to get our data into Power BI. With CommCare’s new integration it’s now extremely simple—in just a few clicks, we set up a feed that automatically sends CommCare data to Power BI for analysis and reporting.

Tony Tseng, MERL Technology Officer at Project Concern International (PCI)

A simple and efficient data integration

CommCare’s new integration is built atop an Odata feed, which requires only a few clicks to integrate with Tableau or Power BI. But don’t take our word for it—check it out in the video below:

Better yet, CommCare’s new Odata feed supports refreshes, meaning you can leverage the powerful refresh scheduling features of both Power BI and Tableau to ensure your reports and dashboards are always up to date.

In addition to easy analytics and beautiful reporting, the new integration also enables teams to extend the value of their CommCare data in many more ways:

  • Merge data sources: Generate individual Odata feeds for each of your CommCare applications, then join them in Tableau or Power BI to create a 360-degree view of your programs. Even better, combine your CommCare Odata feeds with external data sources to create contextual visualizations.
  • Enable global reporting: Generate Odata feeds from multiple CommCare project spaces and combine them in Tableau or Power BI to build holistic reports. Then easily share your dashboards by publishing to Power BI Service or Tableau Online.
  • Enact data governance: Publish your Odata feeds to Power BI Service and Tableau Online and give your wider team access to CommCare data for their own analysis and reporting. Additionally, ensure good data governance by leveraging the powerful role-based access and data security features of Tableau and Power BI.

Ready for you today!

All CommCare users on Advanced and Enterprise subscription plans have access to the new integration starting at 12pm EST today! If that’s you, check out our documentation to learn more about using the new feature. Pro plan subscribers can also add the integration to their subscription, and Standard plan users can upgrade for access. 

If you’d like to learn more, sign up for a demo! Our product experts will give you a tour of the integration and answer any questions you might have:

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