CommCare received the  inaugural 2012 Translational Grant from the Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Global Health. This grant titled “CommCare: Improving Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health with a Phonebased Tool for Community Health Workers” is led by Scott Lee, MPA, MPhil, an MD-PhD Candidate at Harvard Medical School and Harvard Business School, and Neal Lesh, PhD, MPH, Chief Strategy Officer at Dimagi, Inc.

In collaboration with implementation partners Dimagi, Inc. (USA), Catholic Relief Service (India) and Ugunja Community Resource Center (Kenya), the recipients were awarded $100,000 to further their research to improve the lives of mothers and children in resource-limited settings. Content experts in business, public health, and engineering selected CommCare among a pool of highly competitive proposals that had collaborations with over twenty different institutions.

The full press release is available here.