CommCare Featured on Southern Africa's Nightly News

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A CommCare project in South Africa was recently featured on the eNews Channel Africa, a 24-hour television news broadcaster focusing on South African and African stories. Lead by Dr. Sam Surka from the University of Cape Town’s Chronic Disease Initiative for Africa (CDIA), the CommCare application was created to better enable community health workers to calculate an individual’s cardiovascular disease risk score. In South Africa alone, 200 people die every day from some cardiovascular-related diseases. 

After months of using the CommCare application, Dr. Surka’s team recently published their projects findings in the International Journal of Medical Informatics. Results from the paper show that it was four times faster to train people using CommCare than with paper, CommCare was more than 50% faster to use, and it eliminated the 4-10% error rate found with the paper tool.

To learn more about the project, check out this blog post Dr. Surka wrote a few months ago. In it, he describes his experience working with Dimagi to build and deploy the CommCare application.



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