October Updates: CommCare Mobile 2.9, CommCareHQ Improvements

CommCare Mobile 2.9 is now available!

Below is an outline of new 2.9 features and major updates to CommCareHQ since the August announcement.

CommCare Mobile

In addition to the usual set of features and fixes, we dedicated time to improving performance and memory usage. On Java (Nokia) phones, you now are able to use longer, more complex forms without running into issues.


  • Catching more errors in logical expressions (instead of “force-closing” or crashing), and explaining them with better error messages

Nokia phones

  • Significant improvements to performance and memory usage to prevent “Out of Memory” errors.
  • When a user enters a password the “Demo” button will disappear, preventing users from accidentally entering Demo mode when they intended to log in regularly.
  • Improved error messages for improper installation

Android phones

  • Mapping: If you include a GPS case property in the case detail screen, users can view and interact with a map of all cases.
  • Improvements to the navigation header (4.0 and above devices only). The bar at the top of the screen now clearly and informatively reflects where you are in the application.
  • The case list now loads properly even if the phone is still processing a form you just completed
  • The case list “search” box now works correctly even if the case list is still loading

How to upgrade to 2.9: https://help.commcarehq.org/display/commcarepublic/Upgrading+to+a+new+version+of+CommCare


The following is a list of the major improvements we’ve made since the last announcement in August:

  • Organizations: A new feature for users with multiple CommCare projects. Add projects to an organization to manage organization team members and to view data visualizations and reports that aggregate data across all your projects. [1]
  • Redesign of the “Question Properties” section of the Form Builder. The fields you use most are more accessible and clearly labeled.
  • Reorganization of the navigation bar at the top of HQ to make it easier to find and perform the tasks you do most often.
  • Group Management Updates: it is now faster and easier to add and remove users to and from a group. You can also now add user to group directly from the user’s page.
  • If CommCare Sense or “numeric selection” mode is turned on, menu items will automatically be numbered for Java phones in the menu to indicate the appropriate numeric selection.
  • New “days for review” application setting for Android phones sets how long to keep saved forms on the phone. [2]
  • Reminders on the Exchange: The Exchange now supports publishing and downloading reminders along with applications.
  • Excel Case Importer now includes support for importing cases with parent/child relationships. [3]
  • Improved QR code for Android app install to be read more easily by Android QR code scanners.
  • Repeats with a repeat “count” now work in CloudCare.

Advanced (for software developers)

  • Single Sign On API: to validate login credentials and get user profile for a mobile worker or a web user [4]

As always, your questions, comments, and feedback are welcome and appreciated!

Happy October,
Amelia and the CommCare Team

[1] https://help.commcarehq.org/display/commcarepublic/CommCare+Organizations
[2] https://help.commcarehq.org/display/commcarepublic/Application+Settings
[3] https://help.commcarehq.org/display/commcarepublic/Excel+Importer+Instructions
[4] https://wiki.commcarehq.org/display/commcarepublic/Single+Sign+On



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