CommCare October Update: CommCare Mobile 2.15, CommCareHQ Improvements

CommCare Mobile

  • Fuzzy Search: case list search includes partial matches
  • Improved performance of progress bar on longer forms
  • Optimizations and bug fixes


  • Form builder Improvements
    • Drag and drop output values
    • Multiple choice questions add with two choices by default
    • Warn on dragging a question into its own calculate or display condition
    • More robust handling of bad characters in question labels
    • More robust handling of questions with duplicate IDs
  • CloudCare Improvements
    • Support for Parent/Child selection
    • Support for referencing user data in module filters
  • Scheduled reports are configured in the project’s timezone
  • “Archive user” changed to “Deactivate user”
  • More consistent default ordering of data in custom exports
  • Parent/Child selection in CloudCare
  • Date-based filtering of device logs API
  • Ability to filter based on user data in CloudCare



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