CommCare Memified: A Blog Post Inspired by the Internet

CommCare has come a long way since I’ve known her (it is a her by the way but that is a whole other blog post).  As I reflected upon the many many, many hours that we have spent together, I was thinking about what all I have learned about building applications, developing software.  I thought it was fitting to create a tribute to the ol’ gal by turning her into an internet sensation.  That is I decided to “memify” CommCare as a way to illustrate some of the many things I have learned while working with CommCare.  I shared this with the Dimagi team, and the response was overwhelmingly to share this with the world.

For those of you who don’t know what a meme is, according to Wikipedia it is an “idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture.”  Richard Dawkins is typically credited with coining the word which he attached to the deliberate Darwinian selection of genes by human creativity in evolutionary biology.  The internet added its own flavor.

You might know a meme better by the names “ Grumpy Cat,”  “Chemistry cat,” “Lolz cat,”  or “Boss cat.”  There seems to be a lot of cat people out there that are also really into telling the internet about their cats.  While we could debate all day about what makes a meme one key characteristic is that it must be shared amongst a community.  In the case of an internet meme– the world wide web.

My dad refers to this as “going viral.”

Below are some of my creations about CommCare.  Enjoy!









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