CommCare May Updates: CommCare Mobile 2.6, CommCareHQ Improvements

CommCare Mobile 2.6 is now available!

Below is an outline of new 2.6 features and major updates to CommCareHQ since the April announcement.

CommCare Mobile
How to upgrade

Most Android phones will upgrade to the new version automatically, but for Nokia phones you must change the version of your application on CommCareHQ to 2.6 (under Java Phone General Settings), make a new version, and install the new version on the phones. If your Android application is not automatically updating to 2.6, visit the CommCareODK application in the google play store/marketplace and hit “upgrade”.


Nokia phones
  • Changed the “selected” highlight color for Choice questions and menu items to be more visible.  Instead of light blue it is now a bright green.
  • Added data recovery algorithm when Nokia phone storage becomes corrupted
  • Ability to add icon to “sync w server” and “send forms” menu items
  • Make “#” trigger text entry in “one question per screen” mode with interinational input mode. This is consistent with how “multiple questions per screen” mode works with international input.
  • Restore User now goes directly into the app upon completion instead of waiting on a completed loading bar
Android phones
  • A process for dumping unsent forms to an SD card to later submit them from another CommCare device.
  • Fixed bugs which could cause improper application installation
  • Improved networking functionality on Android versions below 4.0
  • General bugfixes to improve stability of the platform
The following is a list of the major improvements we’ve made since the last announcement in April:
  • Multimedia Manager redesign and stability improvements
  • Support ability for child case to update/load parent case properties
  • New view for inspecting cases and forms on CommCareHQ
  • Form Content Export without the confusing “itext” column
  • In form designer, always display warning when you have display text with no ID
  • Adding a question is now faster on long forms
  • Case export now has a progress bar
  • Mobile user language is selected from a dropdown rather than written in
  • Ability to mark a mobile number as default/primary for SMS
  • Button to resend web user invitations
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug that crashed some apps with incomplete translations in the case list
  • Fixed bug that temporarily made some questions in the form designer appear duplicated
  • In the form designer, the repeat “add/remove” checkbox now turns on/off the ability to dynamically add to a repeat
  • Fix Validate Multimedia setting for J2ME

Power users and developers only



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