CommCare May Update: CommCare Mobile 2.12, CommCareHQ Improvements

CommCare Mobile

  • Android
    • Warning when you are submitting a form with a very large image
    • Network diagnostic tool for Android to test for connectivity issues
    • Improve error messaging for invalid form display conditions
    • Immediately change all translations on the phone if you change the language setting
    • Bug fixes for image capturing
    • Improved error messages for network timeout issues
  • Java/Nokia
    • Ability to turn off all app audio from the admin settings page


  • Multimedia in CloudCare: you will now see any multimedia you have in your forms in CloudCare. Learn more about CloudCare
  • Incomplete forms in CloudCare: if you are using CloudCare as a mobile worker, you can interrupt a form and come back to it at any time without losing data. Learn more
  • Form Builder updates:
    • “selected” is supported in the logic expression editor. When you drag a multiple choice multiple answer question into the expression editor, it will automatically change the operator to “selected” instead of “equals”
    • Line breaks are now supported. Hit “enter” to insert a line break
    • Label textbox in form builder is now expandable
  • Feature Previews are available on the settings page for advanced users to explore bleeding-edge features
  • New simplified report filters on worker monitoring and data inspection reports
  • User ids are included in bulk user download
  • Improved layout for bulk update from excel
  • When reporting an issue you can now also upload a file
  • Form XML view now supports Ctrl + F (find)
  • Exports now default to .csv format instead of excel




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