CommCare March Updates: New Mobile Version 2.4, CommCareHQ Improvements

Dear CommCare Users,
It’s been a while since our last update, but we are ready to announce some updates that we are very excited about.  As always, your questions, comments, and suggestions are very welcome!


CommCare Mobile


CommCare Mobile version 2.4 is now available!


How to upgrade


Most Android phones will upgrade to the new version automatically, but for Nokia phones you must change the version of your application on CommCareHQ to 2.4, rebuild the app, and re-install it on the phones. If your Android application is not automatically updating to 2.4, visit the CommCareODK application in the google play store/marketplace and hit “upgrade”.


Nokia phones (J2ME)


We worked hard on fixing the bugs you reported from the field – thanks for reaching out to us and working with us to get these issues fixed! We also made some new features:
  • Improved error messages
  • Removed “view answers” option when in CommCare Sense One Question per Screen mode
  • Added the ability to configure an audio message warning when the user logs into the app in demo mode
Android phones (CommCareODK)


Thank you for reporting “force close” errors to us – we spent a lot of time fixing these issues. We’re confident you’ll see an improvement in the number of errors in 2.4.
  • Support multiple user logins: now multiple users can log into the same phone and maintain separate case lists
  • Install your application by entering a short code on the installation screen (just the end of the link). No more barcode scanning required!
  • # unsent forms appears on the sync button
  • Improved error messages
  • Keep font consistent across screens
  • Add multimedia validation tool to the home screen menu
  • Add app name to the login page
  • Add new Tablet Friendly dual-pane select process (tablets only)
  • Ensure screen transitions do not pop up the full screen keyboard unnecessarily
  • Update “back” behavior across the interface to always go to the previous screen




We hope you’ve been seeing improvements to CommCareHQ over the past few months.  The following is a list of the major improvements we’ve made since the last release notes in December:
  • CommCareHQ speed improvements
  • Navigation improvement: app builder menu/form outline remains visible while in form designer
  • Adding a menu image/audio to a form or module sets a suggested filepath automatically
  • Better error messages in the app builder
  • Multimedia uploader supports upload of menu multimedia (form and module icons and audio)
  • Remote update to CommCare on Androids is faster and smarter: only changed forms are remotely updated to the phone
  • Ability to access a child case’s parent case properties in detail screen
  • CloudCare speed improvements
  • CloudCare now reports form and app logic errors to you more directly instead of just spinning forever or loading an empty case list
  • Form Completion Time report sorts correctly (previously it was alphabetical, now it is numeric / datewise as appropriate)
  • Case ID shows in the case view on HQ
  • Null values consistently show as “—” in both the case and form export
  • Exchange usability improvements
  • Two new CommCare Settings that configure when the phone warns the mobile user if they have too many unsent forms or have not synced in too long: “Unsent Form Limit” and “Unsynced Time Limit”
  • New “Phone Number or Numeric ID” question type
  • Streamlining question properties to show field relevant for your question type
  • Repeat Count can now be set in the logic section by dragging a question into the Repeat Count field
  • Add a constraint message or hint text without worrying about the itext checkbox
Happy March!




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