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Dimagi is piloting a CommCare-ASHA project in Varanasi, India.  The Dainik Jagarun, an Indian national newspaper recently featured an article on this project in the regional section from Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh.

Below is a translation of the article that appeared in the Daink Jaagaran, Kaushambi edition (courtesy of Dimagi fellow Derek Treatman):

Health Department goes High-Tech

Health information found on your mobile

Kaushambi: Press a button on your mobile phone and hear a message concerning your health. The National Rural Health Mission is starting to lay groundwork in this direction. Quick forward motion is being made and influential trainings are soon to start.

Under direction of the National Rural Health Mission a meeting with the implementing organization was held inside the district hospital this Tuesday. Leading representative Deepti Pant said these tools will allow health workers living in rural areas to expend less energy while performing their duties. In Uttar Pradesh, Kaushambi district has been selected. Program officer Anjali Tripathi said that ten ASHAs from the district will be enrolled. Health program manager Marianna Hensley said that information concerning health will be fed into the mobile’s memory.



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