CommCare Fundamentals Now Available in 3 Languages

CommCare Fundamentals, our flagship online course, is now available in 3 languages: English, French, and Spanish! Since 2015, nearly 2000 people in over 70 countries have enrolled in the course. We’re excited to make this course available in more languages and support even more users in getting oriented to CommCare.

If you are new to CommCare, or would like to introduce your colleagues to our platform, CommCare Fundamentals is a great place to start! Offered through our digital learning platform, Dimagi Academy, this course provides learners with an orientation to the basic concepts and terminology of CommCare, including:

  • How CommCare works, who uses it, and for which purposes.
  • Key components of a CommCare application and how they interact with each other.
  • The case management feature and how it’s used to enable complex workflows.
  • Data types and reporting options available in CommCare.

The latest release of CommCare Fundamentals includes shorter, more streamlined course content with key vocabulary, real-world examples, updated videos and graphics, and links to learning resources.

Remember, these are now offered in English, as well as French and Spanish!

Upon successful completion of the course, learners can earn a Statement of Accomplishment in recognition of their work. Each Statement of Accomplishment now includes a unique ID number that is hyperlinked for easy reference, sharing, and verification of authenticity.  

Additionally, learners can now share their Statement of Accomplishment with their professional network using the LinkedIn “Add to Profile” button.

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