CommCare February Update: CommCare Mobile 2.11, CommCareHQ Improvements

CommCare Mobile

  • Automatic image resizing in Android: choose to automatically scale images to either the width of the screen or to the available remaining screenspace. Learn More
  • Better support for multiple languages:
    • The language you choose in the settings of your CommCare mobile application will set the user interface as well as the forms. Remote updates will not change the language you have chosen.
    • More user interface text is available for translation
  • Improvements to error messages
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fix on newer Android phones that was preventing the case list from loading


  • Custom exports improvements (Learn More about exports):
    • Include username of mobile worker
    • Select by default the most relevant data
    • Hide rarely used, advanced data fields
    • Hide data from questions or forms that have been deleted from the most recent version of your application.
    • Metadata (advanced information collected automatically) is now named more intuitively (e.g. case_id instead of _id).
    • Metadata is now tagged as “info” instead of “meta”
  • Keyboard shortcuts for navigation around HQ and the app builder. Learn More
  • Major improvements in performance and support of projects at scale
  • Improvements to the Bulk Translations Update format
  • “Send All” option to send an SMS to all mobile workers
  • Resizeable text entry boxes in CloudCare



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