We had a nice article written up on CNN/Fortune on our CommCare initiative. We’d like to add to the context with some things we emphasized with the author but that did not make it into the article.  In particular, we’d like to credit the amazing JavaROSA community for enabling applications like CommCare to be built on the platform.  Without the funding support of groups like IDRC, University of Bergen (EpiHandy), Rockefeller, WHO and others, CommCare would not exist because JavaROSA would not be as strong.  In addition, all of the great programmers working in developing and developed countries from organizations like Cell-Life, D-Tree, DataDyne, Makerere University, and MRC of SA make all of our collective work much easier and more rewarding.  Neal Lesh, our strategic director and leader of the CommCare initiative, has done an amazing job of building a collaborative group of programmers, researchers, and implementers to make CommCare a reality.

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