CommCare December Update: CommCare Mobile 2.17, CommCareHQ Improvements

You may  notice we skipped straight from 2.15 to 2.17. This is because 2.16 was a maintenance release.

CommCare Mobile

  • Signature capture question type
  • Bug fix for resuming incomplete forms


  • New dashboard landing page
  • Improved custom user data
  • Form builder Improvements
    • Add hidden values anywhere in the form question tree
    • Bug fix to improve drag and drop of questions in the form question tree
    • Signature capture question
    • Bulk translation import/export supports newlines
    • Improve placeholder text in label field
    • Better support for tabbing between question properties
  • App builder improvements
    • Case list and detail screen configuration redesign
    • Case property autocomplete in saving/loading includes case properties shared from other apps via case sharing
  • Old web user invitations expire
  • More translations available in “user interface translations”
  • Lookup Tables can publish to the Exchange



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