CommCare Crosses 1 Million Monthly Form Submissions

I’ve been watching this trend line for days, weeks, months and years waiting for CommCare usage to cross one million forms per month. Last month, it finally did.

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This milestone goes hand in hand with our global expansion. Over the last several years, we have greatly increased our global reach. Last month, a new CommCare project was launched in Papua New Guinea meaning that Commcare is now actively used in 50 countries.

A second trend pushing us past the million-usage mark was the growth in “self-service” projects — applications that were built without Dimagi’s input. Two years ago, the percentage of independently built projects was around 10 percent. Today, the majority of active CommCare projects are self-service. This relatively new growth area for CommCare would not have been possible without a major push by our team to improve the usability and power of CommCare. As more and more users are spawning projects independently, we’re working hard to build out our infrastructure to improve the performance and scalability of our platform in order to keep up and ensure continued growth.

These big picture trends are the results of hundreds of smaller wins around the world. In Guatemala, an NGO called TulaSalud built its own highly sophisticated CommCare application to support community health in Alta Verapaz. After several years of using CommCare and gaining deep organizational expertise, TulaSalud is now scaling to thousands of users throughout the country. (You can read more about TulaSalud in a case study we wrote with them.)

Earlier this week Ray Brunsting, chief technology officer, sent us a note about the NGO’s latest initiative:

In recent weeks, the Guatemalan Ministry of Health, assisted by TulaSalud, has rolled out Kawok (a CommCare based MNCH application) to hundreds of new users. Beyond the raw statistics, however, knowing that each of these ‘users‘ are now better equipped to provide care to women and children in their communities is the real story.”

Of course, Ray is right.

Our goal in 2016 is to 10x our activity, so that we’re reaching 10,000,000 forms per month. And while tracking data is great (and fun), it is even more powerful to maintain perspective and remember what’s behind the data. Every one of those million forms is a story. We are incredibly proud of having reached the 1,000,000 form milestone, but we are even prouder of the organizations and users we’re helping to support with CommCare.  

Want to learn about how other organizations like TulaSalud are using CommCare? Check out some of our CommCare case studies.
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