CommCare April Updates: CommCare Mobile 2.5, CommCareHQ Improvements

Dear CommCare Users,
Go to “Applications” on CommCareHQ to check out the new look of our application builder!
The redesign was based on a careful review of what we’ve learned over time both from your direct feedback and from watching users interact with the application builder.  Hopefully you will find creating and editing applications easier and more intuitive.
Thanks to everyone who has given us feedback and reported issues!  As always, your questions, comments, and feedback are welcome and appreciated.
Below is an outline of the major changes.
  • The settings, multimedia, and languages sections moved from the application page to different sections in the left-hand toolbar
  • Settings have been renamed to make more sense and re-categorized based on what device you are using and what the settings do
  • The “Release Manager” button has been renamed “Deploy” and moved to the lefthand toolbar
  • Application copy and delete are now in the lefthand toolbar below the modules and forms
  • In both modules and forms, the case configuration and form configuration are now in separate tabs
  • The form action buttons have been simplified. The more important buttons, like “edit”, are now much more prominent
  • Throughout the application builder, the infrequently used advanced features are set aside under clearly marked “advanced” sections
We removed some older, overly technical language in favor of more descriptive names.  Apologies if it is confusing to switch over – we think this will be better in the long run!
Application Builder:
  • Chatterbox Option (CommCare Settings) -> Multiple Questions Per Screen
  • Release Manager -> Deploy
  • Label (on case details in module) -> Display Text
  • CommCare Binary (in release manager) -> CommCare Version
  • Make new build (in release manager) -> Make new version
Form designer:
  • Data Node -> Hidden Value
  • Single Select Question -> Multiple Choice (Single Answer)
  • Multiple Select Question -> Multiple Choice (Multiple Answers)
  • Add Select Option -> Add Choice
  • Constraint ID -> Validation Message ID
  • Constraint Error -> Validation Error Message



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