CommCare 2.1.0 Released!

Howdy folks,


Despite unfortunate some delays in QA I’m happy to announce the release of CommCare 2.1.0.


2.1.0 is primarily a stability release, focused on making CommCare work better rather than introducing lots of new features, but there’s still a lot of new stuff to love.


Highlights include
* Support for menu multimedia on CommCareODK
* Major improvements to how CommCare performs app updates. Fixed some bad states which could occur on J2ME, and generally made the whole process substantially more robust on both platforms
* CommCareODK now also supports auto-updates for your apps
* Improved logging and device reporting in CommCareODK
* Configurable thresholds for when users should be notified about the app not syncing for too longThere are also a number of improvements to how CommCareODK works on smaller screens, and in terms of reporting errors on both platforms.


Releases like this are owed in huge part to the awesome feedback we get from ya’ll, so (as always!) if you see bugs, potential¬†improvements, or things that just don’t quite work right please let us know!Cheers,
-the CommCare Mobile team

P.S. The Android Market takes a while to update for each build, so it might be a few hours before the newest release is available.



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