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We set an ambitious goal in 2016: scale our product activity by 10X. We measure activity in a few ways, so before I jump into whether we achieved this goal, here’s some quick background: Form submissions are one way we measure product engagement because it tells us when someone is submitting data in the application […]

As we ring in the New Year we want to thank our readers for working on impactful projects all over the world. To celebrate we put together a few of our favorite moments from 2017. As we ring in the New Year we want to thank our readers for working on impactful projects all over […]

Since early 2016, Dimagi has worked with a consortium of partners to deploy a mobile app built on CommCare to over 50,000 frontline workers (FLWs) across five priority states in India. This represented a roughly 100x scale-up of the randomized controlled trial (RCT) in Bihar whose strikingly positive results motivated this larger effort. This large-scale […]

Have you ever experienced a bug that breaks your application? Are you running into errors that you don’t know how to solve? Do you have a dream app in mind, but are struggling to put it together? Whether you are a first-time CommCare app builder, advanced technical user, or mobile worker, the CommCare support team […]

Key learnings from managing thousands of devices in a large-scale mobile health project Why did we create the Managing Devices at Scale eBook? As part of a large-scale mobile health project in India, the Dimagi team helped equip over 50,000 community health workers with CommCare applications, downloaded on Android smartphones. This project, which is one […]

Organizations around the world use CommCare applications to capture data efficiently and ensure timely access to their data for analysis and decision making. However, even with a well-designed application, data submitted by mobile workers isn’t always clean and ready for analysis. Without regular cleaning, incomplete, inaccurate, or irrelevant data can make an entire dataset less […]

Project: mLabour Industry: Intrapartum Care Location: Tanzania Purpose: In 2016, The Human Development Innovation Fund (HDIF) awarded Dimagi a grant to address gaps in quality of facility-based care in Tanzania using the mobile-based application, mLabour. Over the past few months Dimagi has worked with several local partners to adopt this mobile solution to the Tanzanian […]

Is your app’s design hurting user engagement? Building apps that end users love is one of the core tenets of our design philosophy, “Design Under the Mango Tree.” Based on our experience supporting more than 500 projects, we found that app design is often directly tied to user engagement. By putting in extra time in […]

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