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How can I analyze my CommCare data? We hear this question all the time. You built an app, started collecting data, and now, you need to start making sense of the information you collected. This is a critical step because your CommCare data can help reveal trends and information you need to make informed project […]

  We’re unveiling some big changes to the CommCare app builder this month! The CommCare team is releasing a new app manager format, which will streamline the app building process by incorporating case management right into your apps. We’re always looking for ways to improve your app building experience, and we hope this latest update […]

We are excited to announce a few new features to CommCare this April! Read below for more information on the following updates: Preview your CommCare app in multiple languages Filter reports by location We also have a few non-feature updates for you toward the bottom, including information on a new Business Development Toolkit our team […]

  A New Look and Feel When Building Forms If you haven’t seen it, CommCare’s Form Builder has a new look and feel. We overhauled the form builder to make it easier to use, especially for new app builders. The top-level navigation, question properties, and multi-select checkboxes have all been updated to simplify the app […]

The CommCare team is excited to roll out some improvements to the CommCare form builder today. The following changes simplify the way users interact with the form builder. We updated the following in the form builder: the top-level navigation, question properties, and multi-select checkboxes. Read below to learn more! 1) Top-level navigation Here’s a blank […]

Budgeting is one of the most important considerations for any mobile project. Building a holistic picture of all the related costs associated with a mobile project takes time. To help organizations estimate the total cost of adopting CommCare (or other mobile technologies) for frontline programs, we have developed an easy-to-use budgeting tool called the Total […]

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