Announcing Dimagi's CommTrack POC Winners

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Thanks to support from USAID’s Development Innovation Ventures program, in October, Dimagi issued a Request for Applications to provide organizations in India and Nepal with CommTrack proof of concept (POC) packages.

After receiving 19 excellent applications in response to the RFA, we selected four organizations (three in India and one in Nepal) to work with Dimagi to develop and deploy their own CommTrack mobile programs. Congratulations to CARE India, SNEHA, Finish Society, and Nyaya Health on your successful applications! Check out these four organizations’ proposed project descriptions below.

CARE India | Agriculture | Orissa, India: CommTrack will be used by farmers (“agripreneurs”) managing agri-kiosks in rural Orissa. The mobile application will be used to report stock status and submit requisitions for resupply of fertilizers, seeds, and equipment. 15 agripreneurs/kiosks would cater to the farming needs of 10,000 farmers in approximately 100 villages.

SNEHA | Nutrition | Mumbai, India: SNEHA’s community organizers will use CommTrack to report stock on hand and submit requisitions for MNT cups that are distributed to malnourished children. The MNT (Medical Nutrition Therapy) intervention aims to reduce the rates of child malnutrition in Mumbai’s slums. CommTrack will be used to prevent stockouts, track consumption and address bottlenecks in the MNT supply chain at the ground-level.

Finish Society | Water and Sanitation | Rajasthan, India: Finish Society will be adopting CommTrack to streamline the requisition process for toilet construction materials in Dungarpur, Rajasthan. Finish’s frontline workers, called motivators, serve as intermediaries between the suppliers and beneficiaries. With CommTrack, motivators will be able to generate demand for materials in a systematic manner and ensure their timely delivery to beneficiaries engaged in toilet construction.

Nyaya Health | Health – Essential Medicines | Achham, Nepal: Nyaya Health will be using CommTrack to manage the supply of consumables and pharmaceuticals in their current formulary. CommTrack will support two parallel supply chains – one for the Nyaya Hospital and the other for six surrounding health posts. The focus will be on streamlining the requisition and reporting process for essential medicines and improving inventory management.



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