Oh, the places you'll go (as a Dimagi Project Manager)

Ask anyone on Dimagi’s field staff what is the typical Dimagi field experience, and they will tell you that there is none. Even with our 20 person team in India, each person ends up working on a variety of different projects in different regions.

In my past year as a Project Manager in India, I also had the chance to work on a variety of different projects, both within India and outside of it.  In India, I’ve worked with on an SMS project to track diabetes drugs in public and private facilities and lead our first CommCare workshop in Mumbai.  I also spent time in Nepal working with Mother and Infant Research Activities (MIRA) to support an RCT that’s testing if unconditional cash transfers can impact children’s birth weights.  I also had the chance to work on several projects Africa, including a World Vision maternal health project in Uganda, a Baobab Health project integrate CommCare with their clinical EMR system in Malawi and a micro-credit project in northern Malawi.

What’s nice about working at Dimagi is that when we aren’t working, there’s plenty of opportunity  to explore the places we’re visiting. Below is my own photographic account of my past year as a Dimagi Project Manager, both the work and play. And so while there is no typical Dimagi field experience, I thought it would be fun to share my own over the past year. Enjoy!




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