A More Just, Inclusive, and Tolerant World

Dear members of our community:

As an organization, Dimagi is wholeheartedly committed to creating a more just, inclusive, and tolerant world. That’s why we exist. Many of our team, and many of our partners, have been alarmed by recent changes in the United States that threaten to make our work and our mission more difficult.

Each day — at our offices around the world — we work to make progress. We know that progress is not going to be achieved in a straight line. Not in our jobs, nor in our lives. We know that this work will be difficult, that it will require us to navigate complicated environments, to be open minded, to seek nuance, to build mutual understanding, and to find common ground. We are committed to that effort and we will not compromise, stay silent, or pretend to be flexible about our core values.

I am proud of these values and am inspired by all individuals and organizations across the world who work passionately towards this progress. Together, we will create a more just, inclusive, and tolerant world.  

Jonathan Jackson


No Hate, No Fear



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