A project is only as successful as the users who know how to use it

Dimagi provides design and support for effective technical training plans to meet the needs of teams of various technical skill levels.

We have always believed that for a project to be successful and sustainable, knowledge and maintenance of it must be transferred to local development and support team. To this end we train local staff to develop, maintain, and use their own technologies both while the system is in development and after-the-fact.

User Training

We have helped train teams and individuals to program, maintain and deliver software to clinics throughout Zambia. This ongoing training is part of a larger collaboration between multiple organizations with the goal of creating a strong in-country programming and support personnel for the country.

Collaborative Successes

Dimagi has led or participated in several distributed development teams that have large training components. We have seen and implemented methods and techniques that work in the short and long term, or not at all. These past successes and failures guide us towards making training programs that work. We can assess where problematic technical gaps may exist in team structures that could stop an implementation.

Training Expertise

  • Years of in-country support and training time in South Asia, Africa, and other regions
  • Remote assistance, training, and troubleshooting on multiple off-site projects
  • Experience working with a variety of diverse projects and teams