Leveraging the expertise in SMS services which we have developed over many of our projects, Dimagi is currently working with Tostan International and UNICEF to develop a system which will manage text message communications among over 200 villages in West Africa. The system is specifically designed to support rural villagers with limited literacy. It provides them with an easy, supportive interface to register, broadcast messages, send alerts, have discussions, and share information at both the village and regional levels. What’s more, the system is designed from the ground up to support them in their local language, and is currently operating in English, French, and 3 West African tribal languages (Wolof, Pulaar, and Jola).

Our primary implementing partner for this project is Tostan, an organization internationally recognized for its success in getting rural communities to renounce harmful cultural practices. In so doing, they have worked with over a hundred thousand West Africans to improve their level of sanitation, hygiene, and preventive health. The Jokko Initiative– which means ‘communication’ in Wolof –is just the next step in their ongoing strategy to provide tools and training to help these communities help themselves.

By working with Tostan and The Jokko Initiative, we at Dimagi recognize that improving health outcomes doesn’t just happen in the clinical setting; it has to do with raising awareness and changing health practices everywhere.