Open Data Kit

Open Data Kit

Open Source Mobile Data for Android

Open Data Kit (ODK) is an open source suite of tools that enables data collection on mobile phones and data submissions to a central server.

Dimagi provides support for core and custom development on the Open Data Kit platform. We work closely with the University of Washington development team that founded the open source community.

ODK streamlines data collection in the field by replacing traditional paper survey, camera, audio recorder, and GPS unit with a mobile phone and a web based server. ODK Collect is the phone application component of the ODK suite. It leverages Google’s open source Android platform to allow a single device to capture and store a diverse array of reporting data such as text, video, audio, images, barcodes, and GPS coordinates.

ODK tools provide:

  • Modulare and customizable design so tools can be composed into appropriate arrangements for each deployment
  • Open interfaces and standards to prevent “siloed” solutions
  • Data Collection tools which evolve easily with technology
  • An open source community to guide the project

ODK is a part of the OpenMobile Consortium and the OpenRosa Consortium. ODK leverages the core XForm engine from the Open Source JavaRosa project, which Dimagi engineers contributed significantly to.

For more information on the ODK project, please visit their project page on Google Code.